Announcement on rules related to the automatic appointment function

Sat Mar 07 12:30:30 CST 2020

Dear NC Member,

In order to make it easier for global members to operate CT transactions, starting March 8, 2020, the system will officially open to buy insurance and send CT wealth management, and officially launch the CT fully automated AI trading system. The relevant trading rules are explained below:

1. Members who joined before March 1st can activate the automatic reservation function.

2. After the automatic reservation function is activated, the system does not accept the application for canceling the automatic reservation.

3. To activate the automatic reservation function, you need to select greater than the current order number. For example, if the current order number is 3 orders, you must select 3 + 1 automatic reservation; if the current order number is 4 orders, you must select 4 + 1 automatic reservation. .

4. After the automatic reservation function is activated, the system will perform an automatic reservation every 4 days according to your options, but it will not exceed your option settings. For example: if you choose 3 + 1, the system will not help you make an appointment. Orders exceed 4 orders. The execution time of the automatic reservation order is around 6:30 in the morning.

5. At present, there are not enough NCs, and the automatic reservation function can also be activated, but when there is a withdrawal NC in your account, the system will automatically convert a certain number of withdrawal NCs into matching NCs. The standard for conversion to match NC is: 500 coins, 200 match NCs are required; 1,000 coins, 400 match NCs are required; 3000 coins, 1200 match NCs are required; 5000 coins, 2000 match NCs are required; 7000 coins, 2800 are required Match NC. Equivalent to at least one payment and one reservation NC in the matching account.

6. After the automatic reservation function is activated, the system will automatically help you complete the operations of automatic reservation, automatic collection, and automatic payment, which can save everyone from the tedious operation of the account, and avoid the account freeze due to failure to pay in time or make an appointment in time. The situation happened.

7, I hope everyone will tell each other, thank you for your support and cooperation.


NC Global Operations Center

March 7, 2020